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Hahn & Houle LLP
Chartered Accountants

Suite 1300, Sun Life Place
10123-99 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3H1
Tel: 780 429 4403
Fax: 780 423 4836

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Top Reasons to Work at Hahn & Houle

1. Team Work

“The camaraderie and teamwork make Hahn & Houle a great place to work.” Corinne Davis, Admin Assistant 

2. Multi-disciplined firm means more experience

“When you work for many other firms you tend to specialize in one area. In a firm like Hahn & Houle, there is variety in the work you do and get to see everything from beginning to end; the whole picture.” Jason Golko, Manager

“At Hahn & Houle, you are challenged every day working with a variety of clients in different industries. I was surprised by how much I had learned within one year.” Darcy Holfeld, Accountant

3. Access to the partner

“As a co-op student, I have access to the partners anytime I have questions. This has helped me gain a greater understanding by getting the partners perspective on things, something that is uncommon in most other firms.” Darcy Holfeld, Accountant

4. Career growth without sacrificing your life

“I have received much support in my continuous growth and success as a professional and am able to grow my career without sacrificing the important things in life.” Chris Wang, Senior Accountant

“We strive to create an environment where each member of our team can build their professional skills, while having fun along the way.” Richard Houle, Partner

5. Building a different kind of accountant.

“We have no interest in being like our competition. We out perform others in sourcing quality work. Our clients have come to expect our creative and tailored approach to delivering our services.” Bob Hahn, Partner

“With the preparation of each and every client meeting we ask ourselves: ‘what additional piece of advice can we provide that other accountants just wouldn’t bother with?’ Our clients love it.” Kim Valin, Senior Accountant

6. Access to high end work.  

“We provide services that are way beyond the basics.  When people join our team, they learn skills that will set them apart from other professionals.” Bob Hahn, Partner

“At Hahn & Houle I get to work with clients and projects that a lot of other similar sized firms can’t offer. Here we get a whole spectrum of work, including: valuation assignments, access to forensics, the buying and selling of businesses, tax planning for corporate restructuring, and employee compensation packages.” Chris Wang, Senior Accountant