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How to Reduce Deadly Waste in Professional Services: Talent

November 21, 2018

Talent waste happens when your team isn’t engaged enough in their jobs to give you their creative best. When your doctors, nurses, and front-end staff feel empowered enough to stop you in the hallway with a “what about this,” the win goes to the patient and, by extension, your clinic.

Process improvement can’t happen without your staff. In healthcare, however, burnout poses an exponential threat to medical professionals, heightening not just Talent waste, but increasing risk of misdiagnosis.


What is Burnout?

Although not as prevalent in clinics as in hospitals, fatigue and burnout still loom large. Consider that some of your team may have a hospital position or be part of an intensive training program as well as their clinic shifts.

Burnout happens when doctors and nurses become so fatigued that exhaustion becomes emotional. They’ll feel detached from their job and will find it hard to locate any sense of personal accomplishment throughout the day, regardless that they heal people for a living.

At its worst, burnout can lead to difficulty focusing and may even affect meaningful interpersonal relationships. Here’s what you can do about it:

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Lean Thinking

Think about your team one by one. Are there any individuals who, if they felt exhausted, emotionally drained, or frustrated at encountering administrative roadblocks, wouldn’t feel comfortable coming to you or another manager about it?

You’re not making widgets or houses. Healthcare’s product is well being. Lean thinking focuses on how to improve value to the patients across the entire industry.